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Registration & Payment

Registration starts on 01/11/2019 at 18:00 (GMT+2)


Please read the registration rules carefully. By registering you fully subscribe to the terms below and to the policy of the event

► The registration is mandatory. You will not be able to enter the venue or any of Tesoromio Weekend milongas without prior registration and prepayment. Only Sunday milongas and pre/after-parties are open to local dancers

► Solo and pair registration is possible, but we really encourage the registration with a partner in order to keep the leaders/followers balance. We would appreciate it a lot!

► EACH participant has to fill in the registration form separately

► After you fill in the form, you will get a reply to your email within 10 days. If you have not received a response after 10 days, please first check the SPAM folder and then write to us to tesoromiokyiv@gmail.com

► The final confirmation of your participation will be sent to you after we get the payment

► After your registration is confirmed, please, press “going” button www.facebook.com/events/2418987071650622
to follow all the updates of Tesoromio Tango Weekend news

► Organizers of TESOROMIO Tango Weekend Kyiv have a right to refuse the registration of participants they consider her/his dancing/behavior as inappropriate, dangerous, aggressive, etc 

Please pay the fee only after you receive our email confirming your registration has been accepted.

After that you have 20 days to make the payment (but no later the deadline of a Full Pass package you have chosen) according to the instructions in the letter

You are officially declared a participant only after the payment has been confirmed. We will send you a confirmation letter to your email address