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Katerina Yegorenkova | Ukraine
Ramo and Go-Go | Turkey
Vadim Kasianov | Ukraine
Ilias Selalmazidis | Greece
Claudio Salemme | Italy
Giuseppe Clemente | Italy

"It’s not just about love - I adore tango! I love dancing tango, listening to it, singing tango songs and playing tango-music at milongas. The most important thing for me is people who came to the milonga. I want tangueros to be happy during the dance night so I follow deliberately the mood of the dance-floor, I listen to its “breathing” and play tandas “here and now” with no set-up playlists. For my DJ-sets I choose both traditional music of the Golden Age and nuevo tango music. And to find the balance – that’s the main idea!”

Katerina Yegorenkova

"Our aim is to make the dancers feel like stars”

Ramo & Go-Go is a DJ duo based in Istanbul. They have been dj-ing together for more than 9 years and they have performed more than 350 times. They always try to capture the mood of the crowd and create an atmosphere that will elevate the energy as a whole in a unique way 

Ramo and Go-Go

DJ Vadim Kasianov is always a welcome guest at milongas and festivals in Ukraine and throughout Europe. A wonderful dancer and a DJ, he knows well how to create the right dancing mood at milonga. His djing inspires to dance with all dancers’ energy and enthusiasm! 

Vadim Kasianov

"Μy mother used to say “this kid danced first, then walked”. Tango met me unexpectedly 14 years ago. The best part of dancing Tango is the interaction between the couple on the dance floor and the way we communicate during the tanda. This interaction is what I am looking for while DJ-ing, but in this case the interaction is created between me and all the dancers. I try to capture moments, signs, expressions of the dancers, or even if it’s possible, feel the energy on the dance floor so I can harmonize it with the next tanda. I have plenty of songs to share that deserve to be heard, and wait to be danced, and I am always curious to see how they could be interpreted through the art of dance..."

Ilias Selalmazidis

“I felt in love (yes, I really love it!) with Tango music before starting to dance it. I was totally captured by the music since the start. I used to own a place in which I was proposed to host a Tango Festival and this is when the magic happened: before I could figure out what was happening, I found myself singing ‘La Vida es una Milonga’ under the shower!....As a Dj, I never concentrate on astonishing or impressing someone showing what I know, but just on getting the dancers in the mood for dancing every single tanda I play, litterally”

Claudio Salemme

"Giuseppe loves listening to all Tango music- from the beginning to the present.
As a DJ he prefers the “Golden Age” of Tango but carefully follows the mood of the dance floor and he does not mind some excursions into the Guardia Vieja if the milonga’s atmosphere requires it. So, no rules cut in stone! 

Giuseppe Clemente